Online Scottish Fiddle Lessons
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Equipment Needed:

  • Computer with Internet access
             (Dial-up service will NOT work.)
  • Web-cam (Most new laptops come with one.)
  • Music stand near computer
  • Pencil
  • Violin & Bow !
Software Needed:

  • A PDF reader (Adobe or otherwise)
  • Downloadable video conferencing
    software that is available online
Lessons can be paid for either by a
check through the mail, or by
credit card through PayPal.
Depending upon what part of the country you live in,
Scottish fiddling teachers can be very hard to find.
Often they are too far away to travel to for regular
lessons.  Now, thanks to technology, you can learn
traditional Scottish fiddling from wherever you live.  
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Take private lessons from U.S. National Scottish Fiddling Champion, Melinda Crawford
Lessons through video conferencing
are the same as a lessons in person
minus the physical teaching touch.  
This is a drawback only for students
who are brand new to the instrument.
Instruction generally includes:

  • Traditional Scottish ornamentation
  • Learning traditional tunes by ear
  • Learning how to interpret written music
  • Standard technique
  • Historical perspectives
  • Demonstration & Discussion
  • Resolution of Questions
Lessons are generally 1 hour in
length once a week.  For special
scheduling requests, please
Melinda has been teaching private violin lessons
since 1994 and private Scottish fiddling lessons
since 2000.  Her students have won awards in
Scottish F.I.R.E. sanctioned competitions and
routinely qualified for the U.S. National Scottish
Fiddling Championships.

She holds three degrees in music education and has
taught strings and orchestra in the public schools.  
Her doctorate in music education focused
specifically on the pedagogy of teaching Scottish

She has conducted Scottish fiddling workshops
across the country while maintaining a private
teaching studio at home, and has become a
specialist in addressing the needs of adult students.

Through online lessons, Melinda has taught students
from fourteen states and Canada.
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