Student Testimonials
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Yesterday, I had a bit of Fiddle Fever and couldn't seem to stop.  I went back
over SCFC tunes and also brought out some dance tunes I had tucked into the
back of the folder that we never worked on and I was amazed at how much
easier everything came and also how much more easily I played things I'd never
done before.  It was a magic moment for me and I know I could not have done
it without you.

You are the BEST teacher I've had in the ten years I've been working at this.
That list of other teachers included some very well educated and some famous
folks and none of them hold a candle to you when it comes to connecting to the
student and giving them what they need to learn and do better."

                                                                  ~ Sandra Utrata, Dublin, OH

"This actually works!!  I was wondering whether this old dog could learn a new
trick [and I think that an on-line music lesson qualifies as a new trick].  And I
could.  If you know what you are doing [an advanced beginner or an
intermediate] you will find that working with Melinda on-line is going to
improve your Scottish fiddling.  It has definitely worked for me."

                                                             ~ Bob Mc Intyre, Dunkirk, MD  

"I really look forward to my weekly Scottish fiddle lesson with Melinda – the
hour is over before I know it!  As an adult fiddle student, I appreciate her
positive attitude.  I have learned so much and have had fun at the same
                                             ~ Roxanne Baumgartner, Loudonville, OH