The Devil in the Kitchen - trad.

The Peppertree - Crawford
Mrs. Jamieson's Favourite - C. Grant

The Piper's Cave - trad.
Original & traditional
music for the
Scottish Fiddle
The Wandering Suitcase of Stirling - Crawford

Da Scallowa Lasses - trad. Shetland reel
'Neath Edinburgh Castle - Crawford

Lament for Mr. P.J. Ross - Crawford
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Wandering Suitcase
Some Melinda solo samples:
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Original & traditional music for the Scottish Fiddle
Sheiling Braes
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The Fire Ant Jig - Crawford

Lady Mary Hay's Scotch Measure - trad.
Little Does Sleep Come to Me - trad.

Gin Ye Kiss My Wife, I'll Tell the Minister - trad., arr. Crawford
1.  I Will Not Go (trad.) / Mom’s Request (Crawford) / The Bonster Reel
(Crawford) / Donald MacLeod’s Reel (trad.) / The Pipe Slang (trad.)

2.  Fire Ant Jig (Crawford) / Jungle Rats (Crawford) / Mr. Rob Hobson of
Pitlochry (Crawford) / Jig 8 (Crawford) / My Lame Leg (trad.)

 A’ Cheapach na Fasach (Keppoch Desolate) (trad.)

 Seann Triubhais Uilleachain (Willie’s Old Trews) (trad.) / Gin Ye
Kiss My Wife, I’ll Tell the Minister (trad. – arr. Crawford)

5.  The Sheiling Braes of Rannoch (trad.) / Little Does Sleep Come to
Me (trad.)

6.  Glacial Grooves (Crawford) / The Free Spirit (Crawford) / The
Countess of Cassillis (trad.) / Midnight Roses (Crawford)

7.  My Only Jo and Dearie (trad.)

8.  Lord MacDonald (Sir Alexander MacDonald) / The Bedding of the
Bride (trad.) / The Piper o’ Dundee (trad.) /
Lochan A’Chait (J. Stewart
Robertson) / The Peppertree (Crawford)

9.  The Seilkie of Skule Skerry (trad.) / How She Got Up in the Morning

10.  Dad’s March (Crawford) / The Birks of Invermay (trad.) / Sister Jean
(trad.) / Lady Mary Hay’s Scotch Measure (trad.) / Debbie’s Reel

11.  Lord Alexander Gordon’s Strathspey (William Marshall) / Da Full
Rigged Ship (trad.) / Da New Rigged Ship (trad.)
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1.  As a thoiseach (Keep It Up) (trad.) / The UnReal (Crawford)

2.  Oran na Maighdinn-Mara (The Mermaid’s Song) (trad.)

3.  High Street Potholes (Crawford) / Route 670 West (Crawford) / Doon Da Appian Way (Crawford)

4.  The Comrie Croft Waltz (Crawford)

5.  The Kelleys Island Reel (Crawford) / Mo Chuachag Lagach (My Gentle Milkmaid) (trad.) / Da Scallowa
Lasses (trad.) / Glenogle (trad.)

6.  Are You Sleeping, Maggie? (trad.) / Drummond Castle (trad.)

7.  Craig O’ Barnes (trad.)  / Bruachan Loch Nis (The Banks of Loch Ness) (trad.) / Port na Fainne (The Wedding
Ring) (trad.) / Yontif Reel (Crawford)

8.  Miss Drummond of Perth (trad.) / The Highlander’s Farewell to Erin (trad.) / Because He Was A Bonnie Lad
9.  Colonel Baird (trad.) / The Wandering Suitcase of Stirling (Crawford) / Sullivant Hall (Crawford)

10.  Sleepy Maggie (trad.) / Glenburnie Rant (trad.) / Sweet Molly (trad.) / Gravel Walk (trad.)

11.  The Sailor’s Wife (trad.) / Lady Elizabeth Cole’s Reel (R. Mackintosh) / Cowboy Jig (trad.)

12.  ‘Neath Edinburgh Castle (Crawford)

13.  Lament for Mr. P.J. Ross (Crawford)

14.  Twist Ye Twine Ye Even So (J. Scott Skinner, arr. Crawford)